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Blackburn & District  Society of Magicians
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Images by Allan Clarke
Lorenzo opened our AGM with a delightful tribute to Johnny Hart.  He fanned a pack of cards, then out popped a budgie, replicating Johnny’s first performance for us some sixty years ago. The ensuing puns on ‘Twitter’ ‘going cheap’ and Martin Seed set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.  Members also stood in silence to remember Johnny.

The meeting itself was a civilised, constructive affair in which many points of view were expressed and suggestions put forward for future fund-raising.  Concert Secretary Brian Lead reviewed the past year and set out a programme for 2019 which cut the financial outlay by more than 50% on the previous twelve months but with no reduction in quality.

Officers gave their reports and were thanked for their work throughout the year, and reappointed virtually unchanged.  The relatively new post of Welfare Officer had been particularly appreciated, and Kate was thanked for her work on social media.

Anne Walmsley bowed out gracefully as President, handing over the reins to Donald Monk for his third go.
Irene and Kate were on hand again to keep us supplied with tea and biscuits, and the stage was set for what will surely be another memorable year.

Brian Lead