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Images by Allan Clarke
JULY 2019 - The Great Auction
Expert auctioneer Brian Berry wielded his gavel for the best part of four hours at our July meeting - the last in our headquarters at the St Silas Parish Centre.

With 80 books from the late Trevor Dawson and over 250 items generously donated by David Stones, Paul Guy estimated that, taking only thirty seconds for each item, the sale would run to almost three hours, and in the end we had five more sellers.  Because well over three quarters of the items had been donated, the amount we collected topped the £1,000 mark, which was an excellent result.

It was good to have Joe and Jackie Gilmour with us again, along with several guests including Roy Field, President of the Northern Magic Circle and avid MeMeL reader.

Lots ranged from packet tricks to a levitation illusion.  There were myriad lecture notes, magazines and catalogues, along with books which brought anything from £1 to £70 for a copy of the Carter volume by Mike Caveney.

There were the inevitable sets of linking rings, one if which always seems to be broken, with a big gap in the middle.  There were several paddle tricks to supplement Brian Berry’s still expanding collection, and a wonderful old ‘good night’ banner depicting the magician in a night-gown with candle which afforded him a splendid photo opportunity.  It was a delight, also, to see an original version of Arthur Setterington’s ingenious ‘Cube in a Tube’ surfacing.

As ever, Irene and Kate kept us supplied with copious amounts of tea and biscuits, and all agreed that our time at St Silas’s could not have ended on a higher note.

Brian Lead