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with Discount Magic
Horrendous weather conditions heralded our first ‘guest’ meeting in our new premises - our guests on this occasion being Neil and Sarah Plummer from Discount Magic on the Fylde.  Undaunted, members turned out in force to fill a smaller room than we have been used to, making this the largest response we have had for some time.
The afternoon began with the presentation of a certificate to Bryce Lea to commemorate his first fifty years as a member of the MML.
Although this had been advertised as a ‘Dealer Day’ that limited description proved to be something of a misnomer, as it was a lot more than that, partly owing to a flood which had occurred at the recent Kidology event, saturating a lot of Neil’s props which needed drying out.
As luck would have it, Sarah, a maths teacher by training, has just published a book of maths magic which underpins a number of magic principles.  This was her first outing with this material, and we were treated to a lecture/lesson on the topic.   
Sarah began with an impressive randomly-created numbers square which, after some nifty calculation, arrived at that day’s date.  This was followed by a creation of her own, named ‘Snap’, and another calculation which allowed the performer to divine a person’s birth date.
Soon members had their calculators out as the maths became more challenging and we entered the world of algebra.  Throughout, Sarah’s aim was not just to present ‘tricks’ but to explain how and why they worked mathematically.  The link was made, for example, to the iconic ‘Elephant in Denmark’ routine which depends upon a calculation to arrive at the number 5. For some of us it conjured up memories of school (albeit with a more engaging teacher), but many were fully engrossed and derived much of value from the experience.
Following Carl’s promised feast of pies (plus a lot more) Sarah shared a few more ideas before Neil opened up his stall with the items he had been able to salvage from the floodwaters and bring along.  Selling was brisk, with Sarah’s book alongside staple fare such as thumb tips, cards, silks and close-up mats.  Neil also had his Lego-styled mini illusion, a bitten and restored Orio and an array of authentic-looking foam and rubber products.  In addition, he did us a good deal on ‘puzzle’ presents for our Christmas party, so everyone was happy.
One if the highlights of the day was that we were delighted to welcome two new young members.  Gabriel Brindle, from Oswaldtwistle, will soon be 18; so the plan is that he will join is for the remaining open meetings this year then present some magic for us at the AGM in January prior to (hopefully) becoming a full member.
The other young guest was Harry, attending on his ninth birthday along with his dad and mum, who is related to the family of our very own John Tattersall!  Indeed, Harry had a photo of John to show us and was soon regaled by Ron and others with stories about John’s famous sausage raffle prizes and visits to the north of Scotland. 
All in all it proved to be a memorable day in our new venue.

Brian Lead