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OCTOBER 2019 - President's Day
This year, our President’s Day audience was augmented by a number of guests from the St Francis congregation . . . which is just as well because a record number of MMLers were unable to make it. It was good to see Joe and Jackie again, though, and to have newcomers Gabriel and young Harry back with us again.  Harry went off as happy as Larry, having won two magic boxes in the raffle and with the promise of returning with some of the tricks mastered next time.

It was a magical day . . . but not as we know it.  The only pack of cards in evidence was the one used by Donald as part of his Donkey Derby, and even that turned the tables by not functioning.  The ‘drugged’ horse failed to win, but the unfazed D the A simply took the prize from the winner and presented it to the person who had been intended to win.  You’ve guessed it - young Harry!  John Tat would have been having a chuckle somewhere.

Most of the entertainment was in the hands of Pete, Rawden and Les, performing as the folk group Tacklers’ Brew; although during the interval our very own Lorenzo took over a guitar and the microphone and treated us to a selection of Simon and Garfunkel classics.  What a talented fellow he is.

For over 90 minutes, the Tacklers treated us to a blend of songs, both serious and amusing, and a string of Lancashire-based anecdotes.  Some of the puns were too bad even for me to use, but that didn’t stop me writing them down.  Who designed King Arthur’s Round Table? Sir Cumference, of course!

We heard how everything done in London was done in Lancashire first, joined in a chorus of “Ee, when I were a lad . . . “and learned about Victory V lozenges, Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls and Fisherman’s Friends.  There was even a song including cod Latin which, it was rumoured, was penned by Winston Churchill.  Other songs (several written by Pete himself - another talented lad) told us about Grandad’s cap, the ancient witching village of Pendle and what the Knight’s lady got up to when he went off to war.  Another explained why there is a hole in the wall of Clitheroe Castle. There was an up-dated version of the ‘Wild Rover’ which bemoaned the high salaries earned by footballers these days, and a ditty about Blackpool.

All in all, it was a rollicking good show, topped off with a plate of spud pie and tea or coffee with biscuits courtesy of the Docherty team.  Craig and John, of course, were in charge of the technical side of things.

To be fair, some were bemused by the lack of magic, even though the nature of the entertainment had been well trailed in the MeMeL, but President’s Day is meant to reflect the character of the President, and this one certainly did.

In the absence of the Chairman I gave a final vote of thanks to President Donald for all the effort he had put into organising anther memorable day.

Brian Lead