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NOVEMBER 2019 - Dave Loosley Lecture
It was a delight to welcome Dave Loosley to our November meeting, following his outstanding performance at our banquet the previous evening.
Dave’s first card effect was based on the S.M. (Spray Mount) principle, which we were to return to later in the afternoon.

One of his trademark routines involves a young girl having her first magical experience, with magic sweets.  In it, a brand of sweets is chosen employing a pack along the lines of the Al Baker forcing deck, but displaying a variety of confectionery images.  Unfortunately, the chosen sweets (a tube of fruit pastilles) does not match the magician’s prediction of a packet of Skittles.  Some Skittles are shaken out and an assistant is asked to chew them, imagining they have transformed into fruit pastilles.  As he/she is not convinced, the rest of the packet is emptied out to reveal that the sweets have now, indeed, been changed magically into the originally predicted fruit pastilles.  I have seen Dave work this before, and with the right cute helper (as opposed to our Chairman!) it can be a most charming scenario.  Dave made appropriate comments about checking with parents before giving sweets to children, showing the thoroughness and awareness which characterise his whole approach to magic-making.  Dave commented that the basic routine could be adapted to different situations; such as tipping out a handful of maggots at Hallowe’en!

Next up was the impressive cards-across without palming, as performed at the dinner . . .  again involving the ingenious use of friction spray. 
The torn and restored paper napkins over the head had also been used to great effect the previous evening, with a young audience volunteer.  Dave deconstructed this in detail, once more illustrating his concern for detail while presenting magic which can be done virtually impromptu.  While playing big, all of his effects can pack very small for travelling.

The previous night, Dave had used a shredder to destroy a banknote as a prelude to his nut-in-egg-in lemon (which cost Paul Daniels one of his teeth when he did it for us at our centenary), and this time, in Plastic Roulette, he got Secretary Dave to destroy Tony Hodgson’s driving licence with a vicious-looking pair of scissors.  All worked out well in the end, of course, with the aid of a Jerry O’Connell wallet.

Other items included ‘Expansion’, a beautifully gaffed card which allowed a long hole/slit to appear in it and ‘Inflexion’, the visible change of a flapped card which ‘blew away’ Jeff MacBride.

It was an afternoon full of impressive but achievable magic, and the sale of items at the end seemed brisk.  All that remained was to thank Irene and Kate for stepping into the breach at the last minute to work their own magic by conjuring up some very tasty refreshments.

Brian Lead