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DECEMBER 2019 - Magic @ Christmas
An estimated audience of 100 parents and children from St. Francis attended our magic party this year, and it was good to witness this revival in interest at the new venue.

After my initial warm-up, Lorenzo took to the stage with his ‘real’ magic, entrancing adults and youngsters alike.  One of his doves was ‘under the weather’, to be replaced by a rubber substitute which added a comedic element.  Although basically the same in content, Lorenzo’s act continues to evolve in presentational details, with new elements of music and now a smart new jacket.

Then I was back again with Fred the Performing Flea, charmingly assisted by Poppy from the audience, and Marmalade the Monkey with his usual balloon-blowing antics.

President Donald rounded off the first half of the afternoon with his world-famous transformation illusion of the Farmer and the Witch, which produced some very satisfying gasps of amazement.

During the interval the audience performed its own piece if magic, making every crumb of the refreshments disappear!  Ten people were delighted with their raffle wins, before we headed into part two with the magic of Paul Guy.

Paul always has something different, and this time had converted the tube for his balloon penetration into a festive cracker.  Along the way there was a self-lighting light bulb, cut and restored skipping ropes and the very effective revelation of a chosen card when Paul executed a slick quick change to remove the front of his shirt (bearing the Roald Dahl quotation ‘Those who do not believe in magic will never find it’) to reveal the card printed on another shirt beneath.

Before long we received the message that Santa was on his way, and he duly arrived via a screen illusion and in the safe hands of Rawden Kerr, the town crier from the dinner and one of Donald’s oldest friends.  In fact, it was Rawden who first dubbed him ‘Donald the Average’!

Soon all of the presents had been distributed and it was time to dismantle everything for another year, with the feel-good factor which comes after a job well done.

Brian Lead