Modern Mystic League
Blackburn & District  Society of Magicians
Our members are quite a
creative lot.
Have a look at some of the publications they have penned:

All are available from the authors.

Of course you should also check out our Club Magazine,
The MeMeL.

It can be found HERE:
Houdini - The myth Maker by
Brian Lead and
Roger Woods
Harry Houdini
Legend & Legacy
by Brian Lead and Roger Woods
Showmen or Charlatans?
by Roger Woods and Brian Lead
Johnny Hart
Lineage of a Showman
Researched by
Paul Guy
Available to view
Roger Woods publications can be purchased on line.

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for details
Chris Van Bern:
'The Busy Bee'
by Roger Woods
The Centenary History of the Modern Mystic League
by Roger Woods
Josephine Langley The Lady Ventriloquist
by Roger Woods
How to be Magic!
by Donald Monk
Make your own Magic
by Donald Monk