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March 2021

Zoom Workshop
Once again eight members took part in the ‘Zoom’ workshop evening. Apologies were received from Ian.

We talked briefly about Wayne Goodman’s lecture and mentioned a few recent purchases. Carl keeps finding magic book bargains on eBay! Brian B told us about a book on comedy history, ‘Look Back With Laughter’ by Mike Craig which he had found most enjoyable. I showed ‘Calculated Thoughts’ by Doug Dyment, which is brilliant on magic squares, stacked decks and ESP effects (and lots of other things too, as I am still reading it).

Brian L referred to ‘Ye Olde Magic Mag’, which is a great magazine for anyone interested in magic history; particularly a recent article which analysed the well-known painting ‘L’Escomateur’ by J Bosch which concluded the magician was in cahoots with the purse thief. I was lucky enough to be sent a poster of this painting by the Musée Municipal Saint-Germain En Laye in France, where the original is held, many years ago. 

Brian L then showed us a number of variations of the mind reading cards effect, including ‘Mental Alphabet’ from Merlins, in which you can divine a letter thought of by your spectator.

Paul explained fully his signed coin in can routine, as shown on his video last time. It combines several effects, including the CTC Project’ from MagicBox, although Paul had to work out how to prevent one coin from dislodging another inside the can and he showed us his ingenious solution involving much lateral thinking. You need to watch the video to understand what I am talking about.

Allan demonstrated ‘Marked Thought’ by Bob Mason; an ESP card-matching effect available in a manuscript from It involves the use of a cyclic stack and the glide when dealing from the bottom of a packet. He also showed us a ‘virtual triumph’ effect from Adrian Lacroix, an Argentinian magician who has made a name doing virtual lectures and shows during lockdowns. At least you don’t have to carry your props around if you can do a virtual show from home – but you do need the right set-up to make it work properly.  

Donald is itching for another MML auction as he has a lot of children’s’ magic props to sell. He showed us how he had dressed up the ‘Grandmother’s Necklace’ effect for school shows etc. with figures he had made; and they were really well made too.

Brian B had the tale of the Chinese coins where, despite taking away coins, he still always had four left. This involves the clever use of shell coins which can be seen from both sides. Also, he presented the story of the top hat and coloured disks available from Adrian Sullivan.

Last, but not least, Paul returned with his take on a prediction effect based on Prementaliction’ from Vanishing Inc. Basically, it combines a ‘Chinese Compass’ with an ‘Off by 3’ prediction. Paul had made this version himself; and very good it was, too.

So, another mixed bag of magic and fun. The next Workshop meeting will be on 27th April and we look forward to seeing you then.

Roger Woods