Modern Mystic League
Blackburn & District  Society of Magicians
Welcome to the Modern Mystic League:
Blackburn's Premier Magic Club.

We meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month
(subject to occasional exceptions)
We are happy to welcome visiting Magi, please contact the Secretary
if you would like to visit.

As we start a new MML year, the AGM
and the installation of our new President took place at St Francis Church Hall.

Full details can be found on the review page.
In the meantime, you can read the officers reports below.

We are looking forward to a return visit from Harry & Matt on
Sunday 6th Feb. Don't forget this is a week earlier than normal.

Happy New Year!
To all our viewers.

To read the officers reports presented at the AGM, please click below:
(password protected)

Carl is awarded the Les Brooks Trophy for contributions to The MeMeL
VIDEO MEETINGS - Password Protected (Members Only)

To try and fill the huge gap opened up by our lack of meetings we thought we might put some video's up online so that you can at least look at some you may have missed.

On the Video Meeting Page we have edited videos taken at some of our previous meetings and have produced a number of lectures for you to enjoy again or to 'virtually attend' if you missed them earlier. Check them out, we are sure you will enjoy them.

Annual General Meeting
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(password required)

Due to Coronavirus concerns, our planned Banquet on Saturday 9th October at the Mytton Fold Hotel had to be cancelled.

Apologies to all who usually attended.
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