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January 2021

Annual General Meeeting
The 2021 AGM had to be conducted via Zoom, but we managed to attract a quorum, along with a couple of associate members.  Creating a rapport and the usual banter is more difficult when addressing a screen, but we coped with the enforced distancing and dealt with the business side of things very efficiently.

There was a touch of déjà vu, as Allan metaphorically handed the Presidential chain back to himself for another year and Carl Pearson retained his role of President Elect, as well as tasking on the job of Welfare Officer, established by Ricky Reidy who has carried it out so well over recent years.

It came as no surprise that Paul Guy was awarded the Les Brooks Trophy for his meticulous research into Johnny Hart and the background of his family.

Craig Docherty, part of the backbone of the Society for so long, was accepted as a full member, and Norman Greenhalgh elevated to Honorary Member in recognition of his many and varied contributions to the League over many years. 

The posts of Concert Secretary and Webmaster were up-dated to Events Secretary and Communications Officer respectively, and the other proposed amendments to our Constitution were adopted.

Thankfully, members didn’t need to fight for a place on the refreshment rota this year – at least not for the time being.

Looking forward, our programme of proposed events will start with a few 'zoom' meetings until we are allowed 'in person' meetings again. If necessary, all of the events can be presented in that form until September.  Although restricting, it does mean that we could potentially be joined by our country members who we have not seen for some time, and hope some will consider attending in that way.

Brian Lead